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If we're a reflection of what we read, I'm a wandering hobbit looking to get into Hogwarts school so I can locate the Moonstone and save Panem from Caroline Bingley with the help of Hercule Poirot. 

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Book Giveaway

I've taken the plunged and registered myself officially as Raven's Quill Press. This is a pretty big leap for cautious, self-conscious me, so I'm pretty proud. My first act as business owner was to release a serial collection called Greylands. 


Greylands started out as a serial on my blog, The Ravens' Quill, where I posted the first chapter and invited other authors to come and play in my world. It quickly picked up a consistent group of talented writers and evolved into something I could never have planned: a full story arc with a vast array of characters and an ever-expanding dystopian world. 


Now I'm offering two free copies in the month of November for my fellow BookLikers! Didn't win this month? Don't despair! Now that I've figured out how to do it, I'm planning a massive giveaway for the month of December - maybe that perfect gift for the person in your life who likes conspiracies, thieves' dens, and survivor tales?